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Selecting an International School – What Makes a Good Institute?

There are many good reasons to send your kids to an international school, they don’t just get to mix with the locals, they also get the chance to befriend other students from all across the globe. An international school environment exposes your kids to a unique setting, where they learn about different cultures, languages and more. Here are some characteristics of an excellent international school.

International Curriculum

One of the main reasons why parents are so quick to choose an international school is the curriculum. You don’t just learn subjects that are important for the native population, your kid gets the chance to increase their knowledge base by being taught an international curriculum. Learning institutes such as BASIS International School Bangkok offer comprehensive programmes which cater for students from all around the world.

A first-class international school with a good curriculum will teach your kids to become:

  • Independent thinkers
  • Excellent communicators
  • Risk takers
  • Open minded
  • Well-balanced

After graduation, a huge number of students receive admission into university programmes, 100% in some institutes.

Local Partnerships

Most international schools offer more opportunities than their public counterparts. A good quality school will have a connection with local businesses and organisations to improve students experience when they want to gain knowledge outside of the classroom. They will have no problems going for work experience with community groups, multinational corporations, or sports clubs.

Outstanding Facilities

A leading international school will have modern facilities that allow students to learn in a unique environment. The right sort of campus is designed in such a way to foster interaction and collaboration between students. A good school will be flexible, open, and provide students with access to a range of useful resources.

Dedicated Teachers and Staff

Teachers and administrative staff are the lifeblood of any good international school and the head of the school knows this. That is why they only hire dedicated, certified staff members who can enhance the school and bring something unique through the door. A great international school will also have an exceptional support system for teachers, students, and parents.

There are a number of things that make an international school top class. If you are planning on sending your kids to an international school in Bangkok, do plenty of research and see what others have to say about the institute. It should have a glowing reputation, balanced programmes, great teachers, and outstanding resources and facilities.

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