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What is the Best Age to Start Kids Playing Golf?

Having kids is a wonderful experience and watching them grow to enjoy some of the sports you loved as a child is even more enjoyable. As parents, we try to teach our kids new skills from the moment they arrive, but some things are best left to a professional. Golf instructors know how to make training fun, especially when young kids are involved.

Introduction to Golf

If you played golf in your younger days or still enjoy a game now, you may want to get your kids involved in the sport. Thanks to the TV and the internet, it is much easier to expose your children to golf. All of the majors and tours are televised live on TV and there are plenty of cool golf channels where kids can learn about the sport. In addition, you also have lots of useful YouTube channels for young golfers. If you are thinking of enrolling your kids in junior golf lessons in Bangkok, there are several reputable training facilities in the city.

Video Games & Simulations

Video games are a great way to introduce your kids to golf. They get to learn the game while enjoying the computer. They do not have to pick up clubs, it just means they are being exposed to the game. There are also interact virtual reality simulations that allow young golfers to practice on a VR course.

The Right Age

There is no right or wrong to get your child involved in golf, it all depends on the individual. They should be mature enough to be on a golf course or driving range, as it can be a dangerous environment for a young child who does not fully understand their surroundings. Some people think they can start as young as 2, while others believe 5 is a sufficient age. This decision is down to the parent. Here are some things to consider before sending your child for lessons.

  • Is a safe environment?
  • Does the coach and training centre have experience with junior golfers?
  • Is a programme fun and enjoyable for your child?

Your child will always benefit from playing golf no matter what age they start. If you want them to begin early, make sure you choose the right training centre where they will enjoy their time with the instructor. It must be a safe environment run by highly skilled and experienced junior golf coaches. All kids develop at different ages, so don’t be overbearing.

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