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What makes a great holiday destination?

What tops the list when it comes to a great holiday destination? Sunshine, laughter and amazing views make the grade. Calm blue waters and white sand beaches are a priority. Fantastic food and glitzy nightlife make destinations memorable. There are many different versions of a great holiday destination, and it all depends on what everyone in your group wants, all-inclusive family fun or epic off-grid adventure? Romance in stylish cities or lounging in a hammock on sand the colour of snow? We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of our top 5 things that make a great holiday destination.

1.) Fun and (almost) guaranteed sun

We get about 170 days of rain per year in England, so it’s no wonder we prefer sunny destinations. Where to go for year-round golden rays? Jet into Bali for beautiful beaches, cerulean seas, tropical rainforest and temperatures that hardly ever drop below 82°F. Prefer the sun-soaked desert? Those in-the-know head to Abu Dhabi where luxury resorts rise out of the sand dunes and temperatures rarely dip below 55°F.

2.) Easy breezy travel

Research by Marriott Bonvoy reveals that 83% of travellers seek out tried and trusted holiday destinations. Fantastic places where getting travel insurance is easy and flying is hassle-free. Think holidays to Paris and Portugal. New York and the Neapolitan Riviera. California and Cancun. All offer direct flights from the UK, for an easy-breezy journey. You’ll soon be cruising over the Seine in Paris and surfing off the coast of Portugal. Shopping up a storm in New York and cycling around Sorrento. Basking on Cali’s cool beaches and diving into Cancun’s deep blue waters.

3.) Epic adventure and extraordinary views

Sometimes we want more than just rest and relaxation. We want spectacular destinations where epic adventures meet extraordinary views. Places that capture our hearts and feed our souls. Experiences such as climbing southern Peru’s Machu Picchu and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland. Or perhaps sand surfing in the Sahara Desert, diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or road-tripping across Canada’s glacial landscapes.

4.) Fantastic food to feast on

From street eats to farm-to-fork feasts, the culinary scene of a destination can make or break a holiday. Visit Tokyo for the world’s freshest sushi in the most decadent of bars. Head to Las Vegas for gilded restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs. Jet into Malaysia for tantalising street eats with Indian, Chinese and Thai slants. Or try tasting your way around Italy for Florence’s famous gelato, Rome’s iconic carbonara and Sicily’s exquisite arancini.

5.) Stylish city breaks

Hip cities with stylish restaurants, iconic landmarks and vibrant local culture make great holiday destinations. From chic sidewalk cafes in Paris to gondola rides in Venice, Europe is abuzz with enchanting destinations. Shop your way around the fashion capital of Milan, bliss out on Barcelona’s beaches or chow down on tapas whilst watching flamenco in the Spanish city of Seville.

With 195 countries in the world, great destinations are a combination of many things. It all comes down to seeking out the people, the culture and the landmarks. The beaches, the ocean and the local hangouts. The beauty of each experience lies in its unique horizon.

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