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Treating Lonliness 

Loneliness is not a medical condition, but that does not make it any less valid. People who feel and are isolated, experience extreme mental distress. It also causes disturbed sleep, intense sadness, substance abuse, self-esteem issues etc. Loneliness also leads to physical symptoms like binge eating and getting sick.

Being alone, at least for short periods of time, is not an issue. Rather, many people prefer solitude. It’s the cases where the person where craves human contact but do not have a friendly face in sight, does loneliness become an all-encompassing and deeply anguishing state. Such people can improve their condition by:

Rewiring the brain

People who are lonely are more sensitive and are prone to jumping to negative conclusions. They make assumptions that are always the worst-case scenario. They thus bring themselves down, themselves.

Moreover, they also tend to perceive things with negative connotations. Consequently, their memories are also tainted with hostile emotions more than the positive and happier times. This is an extremely unhealthy mindset that needs to be set right. Therapy is really effective in this regard, and thus it is important to get help from a Psychiatrist in Rawalpindi.

It is imperative to get help as otherwise this mindset can also perpetuate loneliness.

Stay in contact

In order to have come semblance of social life, it is important to stay in contact with your loved ones. While it is not always possible to share the physical space with them, be sure to connect virtually with them.

Talking to them, reminiscing about the old times, sharing interesting internet-finds with them in order to have the much-needed human contact can give you solace you need. It will also prevent you from going into further abyss of loneliness.

Join groups

Whether it be internet groups or social ones in the community, be sure to sign up for them. Actively reach out to people in these groups. As you connect with the people you share interests with, it becomes easier to establish a friendly relationship. The fact that you learn and grow in the process are the added perks!

Get going

You will not be able to treat your loneliness by being a hermit. Just as you need to get up and feed your physical body, you need to take steps to satiate your soul that craves social contact.

Hence, do not shy away from opportunities to get outside of the house. Make a friendly chat with the grocer, join the fitness fiends at the park or go to the events happening near you.

Even if it is more convenient at times to rely on technology on getting the chores done, it is better to get out there and look for opportunities to connect with other people.

Pets to the rescue

It is not necessary that only humans can assuage loneliness. Contact of any sort can help the people get rid of the blues. Pets are helpful in this regard.

They are a source of constant companionship and joy. Your amusing moments with your pets can also become an icebreaker with other people.

Furthermore, pets make it harder to remain aloof. Walking your dog, getting the pet food from the grocer etc. also increase your chances of running into other people!

Be busy

The more spare time you have on your hand, more pronounced will your loneliness feel. Depressing thoughts are also an abyss onto themselves, and also become a recurring theme when the mind has no other thing to fixate on other than the lonely state.

Therefore, try being busy. Take up hobbies that occupy your mind. Crafts are ideal in this endeavor. One can also take up online courses and expand their horizons. Preoccupation with other matters will therefore sufficiently distract your mind.

Tips for being lonely:

You can be surrounded by people and yet be completely alone. This feeling of loneliness stems from not being able to find someone who can understand your emotions. A feeling of being a misfit can lead to self-worth issues, among other mental problems. Hence, combat these by:


At times, the feeling of loneliness stems from the pressures around us. The active social life of others makes us even more insecure about loneliness, thereby aggravating the sense of dread.

Therefore, accept your disposition as you are. It is okay to be introverted, to get tired of the people and parties. Accept your life as it is and derive joy from being your unique way.


Stress makes everything worse and exercise its antithesis. Exercise helps to keep the stress levels at bay. Doing it outdoors carries the extra perks of increased serotonin levels in the body, courtesy of Sun!

Getting help

Whether you are alone or lonely, in either case, you can feel down. In some people, the feeling of not being needed and not mattering can morph into depression and even lead to suicidal thoughts. It is therefore vital to enlist the help of the best psychiatrist in Islamabad. Through counselling and medicines (if need be), you can heal and enjoy your life!

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