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Tips For Organizing A Birthday Party For Kids

However, whether at home or in a rented space or places like Mission Grit for example, there are always details and timings that you should be aware of so that everything goes well.

Set A Budget

It was nice that money stretched, and we could let our imaginations run wild without money being a concern. However, the question of what we are going to spend is very much on our minds. And setting a budget right at the beginning is half the battle to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Decide In Advance The Location

About 2 months before the date of the party, you must decide whether to hold the party at home or outside. If you go elsewhere, you should start looking into what kind of space the birthday person would like. Are they adventurous kids? Sportsmen? Or are they pretty vain girls? There are spaces available for all these themes, but you should book in advance if you have a very specific taste. In addition to the location, you must also set the date and time.

Plan The Menu

About a month before the date and if the party is at home, start thinking about what you want to make for the menu. Depending on the number of guests and whether there are more children or more adults, I decide whether to make more elaborate desserts or something simpler, like jellies and mini-pizzas.

You should also try to adapt your menu to the time of year. Is it a summer party? It makes sense to have lots of cold drinks and cold. Is the party in winter? So, cakes and hot drinks are welcome.

Another question to be defined is what will be made at home and what will be ordered. Are you going to order the birthday cake and snacks, for example? Start looking for suppliers, analyze values, choose the supplier and check availability.

Choose The Cake

If having a theme and a cake that matches is important, about a month in advance, you should start seeing the cake you liked and looking for someone who can make it.


You have to decide whether or not to offer gifts to the little ones. Make it a habit to offer a small toast to guests at the end of the party. It’s a way of thanking them for being there and showing that we appreciate you. Also, having a defined budget is very important because the gifts are just small souvenirs; it is not necessary to exceed them. If we have the time and patience, we can make little bags ourselves, either with some sweets or coloring books and pencils. We can also decide not to go ahead with this idea. There was a time when my kids went to parties almost every weekend, and the candy bags piled up without them caring much.

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