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Can Human Ashes Be Scattered Anywhere?

Cremation is becoming a very popular option in the US. In fact, almost half of all families in America choose cremation in place of a traditional burial, and for obvious reasons. Cremations are relatively less costly, and can be customized to the wishes of the loved one.

We’ll cover where you can legally scatter human ashes, plus rules you have to pay attention to. We’ll also tell you why an ash scattering service is the best route to take.

Where It Is Legal To Scatter Human Ashes

On Private Property

You are allowed to scatter human ashes anywhere on your property. If you’re looking to scatter the ashes on another person’s property, you should get some form of permission from the owner. Refusing to get permission is illegal. You could get sued for trespassing. Note that places like amusement parks and stadiums are also private properties.

On Public Property

It is legal to scatter human ashes on public property like national parks and uninhabited areas like forests. Even so, you still have to get some permission from the chief ranger of the park. You may be required to keep away from commonly used trails. You should also do the same when scattering ashes in wild places like the forest. Keeping away from common paths is a way of keeping other people in mind.

At Sea

You can also scatter human ashes at sea. But, you have to follow these EPA guidelines while burying your loved one.

  • Only spread ashes at sea when you are 3 miles from land
  • Anything you release into the sea must be degradable. This includes ashes, flowers, urns, etc
  • Scatter the ashes from a boat or an airplane
  • Get a permit prior or report the burial to the EPA within 30 days after the burial.

You should also note that not all water bodies are under federal regulation. So, contact the mortuary board or health agency of your state to learn more.

Why You Should Choose Prince Charters

If you want to scatter the ashes of your beloved in Southern California waters, you should check out Prince Charters LLC. It’s a family run ash scattering service founded by Dr Gilbert Prince in 1965.

Since then, Prince Charters LLC has helped hundreds of families say goodbye to their loved ones at sea. You have the option of choosing between yachts or boats, and you get helpers to facilitate the ash scattering ceremony.

All in all, ash scatterings at sea provide you with privacy, the ability to reach more inaccessible spaces, and a deep emotional connection.

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