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Amazing Watersport Destinations Around Canada For Winter Workouts

Canada has an immense and vast landscape, offering a variety of environments perfect for watersports on both its coasts and a huge number of lakes. During the winter season, when much of Canada becomes even colder, often finding itself covered in snow, many are deterred from exploring as they tend not to favour the cold weather. However, for some, this winter wonderland is one of the most exciting times of the year.

If, as summer draws to a close, you’re not quite ready to give up your watersport, or you find yourself intrigued by the potential adventures to be found with a winter workout, then you will be glad to know there are a handful of amazing destinations ready to be enjoyed.


In central Canada, one might feel isolated from the possibility of surfing, however, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, Lake Ontario has such an expansive capacity of water that it also has its own tides. Sandbanks Provincial Park is a great place to experience just this, as it gets a regular swell and even breaks throughout much of the year, making it ideal for surfing, even during the winter months and especially for beginners.

Haida Gwaii

While British Columbia has its fair share of arresting views, Haida Gwaii is sure to be one of the most impressive. It is an archipelago that spans the province’s west coast, with waters leading through dense forests and the foothills of incredible mountains. Whether you’re looking for a place to wild swim or paddleboard, here you will find a selection of waters to enjoy just that, with portions of the landscape being totally secluded and perfectly idyllic.

Cherry Beach

If you’re looking to get started with paddleboarding and you’re in Toronto, you’re in the right place. Cherry Beach is a great spot with forgiving waters, making it ideal for those new to SUP. Additionally, there are a number of social clubs that frequent the beach regularly, which can help those looking to connect with other enthusiasts as well as those who feel safer learning alongside others.

Bell Island

Newfoundland is known for a number of things and its marine life is one of them. This is why the stunning location of Bell Island is a great destination for watersports, specifically diving. Beneath its incredible rocky landscapes lives an exciting world of marine life that thrive in the area. However, in addition to these aquatic creatures, there are a number of wreckages and sunken artefacts that can be safely explored too.

Bay Of Fundy

Not only are the tides alone worth a visit, especially for those who kayak, but the Bay’s incredible rock formations are a must for those who like to explore atop the water. Of all the sights worth seeing, the Three Sisters is perhaps the most enjoyed and can be accessed easily by kayak or paddleboard, being only a short trip from some of the coast’s most beautiful coves.

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